Exploration unlocks the structure and quality of the deposits which answers to the viability or otherwise of assets. PolyGuard Investments Nigeria Limited exploration activities had revealed arrays of Major industrial and base minerals principal among them are Barite, Lead and Zinc Ore, Etc. 


Mining methods to be used to win the minerals is revealed after exploration. Our near surface deposits are best mined through open cast drilling, blasting and hauling system with hydraulic

Given the uniqueness of our multi-products (lateritic soils, shale, sandstone, barite galena and shalerite, etc.) nature of deposits, size reduction and separation are essential for controlled clients' supply that adheres strictly to agreed supply terms and conditions

We carry out mechanization of Agro-allied value chain development through Best Agronomic Practicies (BAP) to achieve food security 

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We render small credit facilities to small scale farmers and smallholder businesses in order to improve the standard of living of rural farmers to ensure food Security and boost the economic activities in Benue State


Our experience in the sector may assist your plan, project or projections. Kindly contact us for further discussions

Our Mining Operation

PolyGuard interest in mining is predicated on her conviction that life can be positively influenced for sumptuous outcome, such demands a deep introspection on what, how and why; Our blended mining and agriculture business will trigger significant change of fortune and beautification of our environment and people


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